Baltronix Group was formed to develop high quality and reliable Software and Hardware Solutions for its clients.

Our multiple skills and expertise in different industry segments combine to realise technology-driven new technical and software solutions. for enterprise applications and digital network services.

At Baltronix Group we believe in innovation and creativity. But we also believe in a structured approach to project management, hardware and software development. Given the complexity of our systems, it is impossible to define, design and develop an entire solution in a single step. Such systems demand an iterative approach, with successive refinements that lead to an increased understanding of a problem, and an effective solution.


Below is for more information on specific areas of our approach:

The final quality of the software we produce is of paramount importance to us. We ensure an appropriate level of testing is carried out throughout the software development lifecycle. This includes using software tools for developer-based unit testing during the build; and a structured, scripted approach to formal system testing before we release the software to you for acceptance.

We also welcome the opportunity to work with our clients to define a structured series of User Acceptance Tests and Acceptance Criteria so that you can be sure the software meets your requirements before it goes live.

We also realise that delivering great service is about more than simply adhering to contractual SLAs. It is about being responsive and helpful and acting appropriately depending upon the issue being raised. To help us deliver and improve on this we encourage our clients to give us feedback at regular performance reviews.


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